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Navratri story: why is navratri celebrated in India and world

Navratri Special: Mata Rani will be happy on Navratri for just 5 rupees |...

On Navratri you can please Mata Rani with very simple and cheap measures. Know what are the navratri pooja Material cheap solutions- Let us know what materials are included in the worship of mother power in Navratri. Important Pooja material list for Navratri Festival Mother Durga’s photo or clay statue Red Chunari for offering to mother Mango leaves for the urn and the main door of the house Rice, a pedestal (to sit), vermilion to offer on mother Book of Durga Saptashati Barley seeds, earthen pot, betel leaves Gulal, red flowers, especially jaggery flowers, garlands Betel nut, cloves, cardamom Red Kalawa, Sandalwood, Ganges water, Honey Coconut, camphor, native ghee

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