Raw Kacche Mango and Garlic Lehsun Chutney

Get mango easily in the market, How to make it at home by Raw mango and Garlic.

Today we will make spicy and sour sweet chutney of raw mango and garlic, which you will like very much. Right now the summer season is going on and you will get mango easily in the market, brother, once this chutney has to be made.

Once you make this chutney, you would like to make it again and again, so friends, let’s make garlic and mango chutney.

Raw Mango and Garlic Chutney

Required Materials | Ingredients

  • I. 2 raw mangoes
  • II. 1 tsp coriander powder
  • III. 1 tsp cumin powder
  • IV. 2 tbsp jaggery
  • V. 10 to 15 garlic cloves
  • VI. 2 tsp kashmiri red chilli powder
  • VII. salt as per taste

Recipe Raw Mango and Garlic Chutney

How to Make Kacche Aam or Lehsun ki chutney

  • I. To make Raw Mango and Garlic Chutney, first peel the mango and remove the kernels between it and then cut it into small pieces.
  • II. Peel and prepare the garlic.
  • III. Now take a stone spoon and put mango pieces and garlic buds in it and crush it a little coarsely.
  • IV. Then add coriander powder, cumin powder and two spoons of Kashmiri red chilli powder to it, beat it again, so that it becomes like chutney.
  • V. When the chutney is ready, add salt according to taste and two to three spoons of jaggery in it, mix everything well and grind it.
  • VI. Very tasty chutney made of raw mango and garlic is ready.

You Can Keep It In The Fridge And Eat It For 9 To 11 Days

  • I. This sour and sweet chutney of raw mango and garlic looks very tasty with gram flour roti and after making this chutney, you can keep it in the fridge and eat it for 9 to 11 days.
  • II. If you want, you can also make this chutney in a mixer, but if it is made by grinding it in khalbatte, then its taste is different.

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Posted By: Kalpana Yadav


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