Navratri story: why is navratri celebrated in India and world
Happy navratri celebrated in India and world

Pooja Material for Navratri Fast, How will Mata Rani be Happy by Worship

Know what are the navratri pooja Material cheap solutions-

Navratri Pooja is a hindu festival. According to Puranas, Navratri is the divine time of worship, resolve, practice and accomplishment of Goddess Durga.

It is also an opportunity to keep body and mind healthy. According to Goddess Bhagwat, Goddess Bhagwati creates, maintains and destroys the universe in the form of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

Navratri story: why does navratri celebrates in India and world

At the behest of Lord Shankar, Goddess Parvati took innumerable forms to kill the demons like Raktabeej Shumbha-Nishumbha, Madhu-Catabh etc. But the main nine forms of Mother worshipes.

In Nav durga pooja Each day of Navratri dedicates to specific form of the (Mother Durga) Goddess &

worshiping every form fulfills different type of desires in India and world.

Nav durga pooja (Sharadiya Navaratri) pooja samagri list in hindi

Sharadiya Navaratri has special significance.

It believes about Navratri fast (Vrat)-

Maa Durga dwells on the earth from heaven to the 9 of the month.

9 Month of Ashwin from the Pratipada date of Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month.

Happy Navratri

Due to being on earth for nine days, the devotees of the mother do fasting and worshiping these days.

Take a look at these links:-

The Goddess worshipes in different forms for these nine days. On Navaratri, people establish the urn and take out the mother’s post in their homes.

Let us know what materials are include in the worship of mother power in Navratri.

  1. Important Pooja material list for Navratri Festival
  2. Mother Durga’s photo or clay statue
  3. Red Chunari for offering to mother
  4. Mango leaves for the urn and the main door of the house
  5. Rice, a pedestal (to sit), vermilion to offer on mother
  6. Book of Durga Saptashati
  7. Barley seeds, earthen pot, betel leaves
  8. Gulal, red flowers, especially jaggery flowers, garlands
  9. Betel nut, cloves, cardamom
  10. Red Kalawa, Sandalwood, Ganges water, Honey
  11. Coconut, camphor, native ghee

Navratri pooja samagri list in hindi | Simple navratri puja at home

Paan:– Bringing fresh new paan, place a coin of one rupee on it

and place it in front of mother Bhavani.

Betel nut: – If you bring the betel nut to five rupees and dedicate it to the Mother Goddess,

she will be happy and bless.

Cotton: – If you buy 5 rupees and offer it to the mother queen,

then she will be as happy as she is with expensive mythological measures.

Flag: Mother can happy by offering a small flag of red cloth in Navratri.

Mehndi-kumkum: Keeping a small packet of mehndi with a little kumkum also blesses the mother.

Clove-Cardamom: Mother Rani is also happy by offering cloves and cardamom for 5 rupees.

Jaggery:– You will definitely get auspicious blessings. If you are unable offer expensive offerings/bhog to Mataji,

You can bring jaggery of 5 to 10 rupees and keep it in front of the goddess with full devotion.

Black Boiled Chana: – It is also a very simple and inexpensive way to please the Mother Goddess. Black (Kala) boiled gram of five rupees will also please Ambe Maa.

Mishri: This sweet indulgence receives by the mother with love.

We hope this navratri will brings large happiness to you and your family.

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